Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Was Your Sunday?

No better way than to throw open the windows on a day of blue skies and low readings across the PSI and PM2.5 and enjoy a bit of sun while listening to the man and the friends jam in the studio. To write a song, play songs and make music. The creative energy and focus were amazing.

I took a trip down memory lane listening to Morphine's pre-1999 albums. 'Cure for Pain' is my favourite of them all. Revelled in the mesmerizing bassline of 'Buena'. What a great riff. Alternative-rock, jazz and blues all into one band. Unforgettable songs. Ahhh...Mark Sandman, your bass has got such a slinky gorgeous tone.

Tea break meant a little bite of Middle-Eastern-inspired pastries from Overdoughs, and errrmmm...a generous dram of Balvenie Triple Cask 12 y.o. All too soon, it was sunset, and we could smell the haze rolling in. Oh well. Reluctantly, we shut the windows, turned on the a/c and the air purifiers, put our legs up, and wound down for the evening.

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