Thursday, November 12, 2015

Double Dum Biryani

Raised eyebrows at the name of the restaurant- 'Indian SubContinent'. Almost tempted to ask why would the owners name it such. But never mind. Anyway, we were told it had good food and fantastic double dum biryani! Trundled down to check it out at lunch. The restaurant spells it 'briyani'. Okay, whatever.

I have no idea how you could 'double dum' a pot of biryani when it's already being steamed. Well, I don't cook. Heh. What do I know? Technically I know how to make a marinade and a saffron milk paste to cook biryani. But I've never done it. Not about to try either. According to the restaurant, it's a 'fusion'. Apparently halfway through the 'steaming/cooking' process, they pour more stuff (gravy?) into it to finish.

Ordered a dal pachranga (or panchmel dal). It was very good indeed. The man was greedy and wanted a chicken pepper kozhambu and fish methi. Didn't understand how he could also have garlic naan and aloo paratha along with them when he knew biryani was coming. Went for broke and ordered two types- a mutton and a prawn double dum biryani. Tad oilier than the usual dum biryani, but still all right. Woot. Its fusion of 'double dum' sounds fun, and when it was presented onto the table, both biryani tasted distinctly different; both were delicious. Literally fell into a carb coma after. No more food for the rest of the day. Needless to say, even dinner was unnecessary.

Indian SubContinent Restaurant
52 Race Course Road Singapore 218563
T: +65 9189 1365
(It's next door to The Banana Leaf Apolo)


D said...

the food certainly look very good! i've to try it!

imp said...

Park at Hotel Grand Chancellor then walk. Less of a pain trying to park at Tekka or along the streets. Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant next to this is very good too. Coz we ummm don't quite fancy The Banana Leaf Apolo for its biryani or even its fish head curry. Very touristy flavors now.