Friday, December 09, 2022

The Yellow Pitaya

I've always liked dragonfruit in all its forms — the standard bland white flesh with pink skin, the red/pink flesh with pink skin, and the super sweet white flesh with yellow skin. I like the pink ones best probably because they're not that sweet, and I can eat it all day, every day. The red/pink flesh ones are usually from Vietnam.

The yellow dragonfruit is perfect once in a while, but because it's too sweet. I can't eat it often. This super sweet yellow dragonfruit cannot be eaten by myself in one go. I mustn't. It's got this odd laxative effect, and I will get minor runs if I do. I swear there're some sort of prebiotics in there. The fruit is thorny, so be careful while holding it. Often, the suppliers slice off the thorns, but some sharp bits are left.

The man has fallen in love with the yellow dragonfruit. He has only recently discovered it. Hahahaha. I never offered it to him because he always declares he hates the taste of dragonfruit. Then I offered him one super sweet yellow one, and he got hooked. Okay, just nice, I can split one with him. Then nobody will get the runs. 

The super sweet and juicy yellow pitaya is native to Central and South America. Dragon fruit cacti grown from seeds can take up to seven years to produce fruits. The ones we get here are mainly supplied from Colombia or Ecuador. In Singapore, I usually buy it for about $9-$10 per piece of fruit. With the mad weather patterns this year and so much rain, I'm sure fruit production and harvest are all affected. Each fruit is therefore, really precious.  

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Sushi for J's 36th!

Celebrated J's birthday with dinner at Miraku. I hadn't seen her in the nights for a few months. Hahaha. We've been catching up over lunch and coffee as and when. Our October and November months were a bit mad, so we literally only met like twice? Made a date and went off to have ourselves some sushi. 

We skipped the ebi tonight. We were happy with the options of fish and shellfish. She had some preferences and I had mine. I got all my shiny fish that the restaurant had. I passed on the fried item and took the beef and egg yolk. J passed on the beef and took the fried fish. She must be one of those rare pokémons who likes to crunch shiso leaves raw like that. Eeeps. I gave all of mine to her. 

J wisely stuck to two glasses of umeshu soda. I unwisely opted for the 500ml bottle of sake. Whatever happened to drinking less?!!! Tsk tsk, impie. At least this was dinner, not at lunch. Yeah, I slowly finished it over the course of the meal before the soup and dessert. Nope. Not even tipsy. 

Happy Birthday sweets! You don't look feel a day over 30! Carry on buying the priciest Mayday 五月天 tickets because they're worth it and you totally deserve a great seat at a good show. Every year. Oof!

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Awayuki Ichigo :: 淡雪いちご

I got a box of lovely Awayuki light pink strawberries from Saga a few weeks ago. When I topped up my fruits that day at the store, they offered me this new batch from Nara. Of course I took it. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES FROM JAPAN. 

This batch of Awayuki strawberries (淡雪いちご) from Nara's pretty decent too. Still firm and crisp; fragrant and sweet at levels that I can manage. Not cloying Mmmmm. These can't keep for long either. Best to inhale them within three days. Hurhurhur. 🍓🤍

I offered one to Smol Girl at tea time. She had her usual of venison topped with yoghurt. Placed the ichigo on a side plate. I didn't think that the dog cared about strawberries. She definitely doesn't like red strawberries. But today, she ate ¾ of this light pink strawberry. Hmmmm. This girl's got some fancy preferences.