Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over A Parcel

The man's parcel never did arrive.

So he checked with WeePost. WeePost emailed the PDF acknowledgment slip and pointed out that it was signed.

The thing was, that signature didn't belong to anyone living at our address. The postman obviously delivered the parcel to the wrong unit. The man told them so.

WeePost said they would investigate. In their reply, WeePost had the audacity to state:

"Our investigations revealed that our courier man has went to your residence to deliver the said package. He had went back to the said location again to re-confirm with the residents, but somehow, no one recognizes the signature on the delivery consignment note.

In any case, we're sorry for this loss of your item as it may be potentially mis-delivered and we are unable to retrieve the package back for you. Therefore, we shall proceed with the compensation of your item in full value and refund the paid shipping charge."

The man went up in flames. He was extremely offended. There were all sorts of unpleasant insinuations in those sentences. The writer had picked very wrong choices of words and clearly, admitted no fault. The man wrote a very nasty letter to the bigheads at WeePost.

Then 2 days later, a WeePost rep sheepishly admitted that the parcel-thought-lost had been returned and retrieved because it had earlier been delivered to an estate much further down the road that did not have a similar sounding name either way.

The man was snarky. He told them off.

"It is curious that a package for a XXX address winds up in ZZZ Road, as I do recall that the two locations are separated by distance spanning a couple of kilometres.

Furthermore what I find galling is that the postman in charge of said delivery insisted on the article being properly delivered, and even coming to our apartment some days ago to ask for our household's residents' signatures for verification. I finally feel vindicated now from insinuations that it was us who were in the wrong and dishonestly signed for and kept the item.

I am not usually one for harshness, but in this case I strongly feel the postman or parties responsible should be strictly reprimanded and disciplined for refusing to acknowledge their mistakes and for veiled finger pointing with regard to the integrity of our household."

I am of the view that WeePost must have very strange employees indeed.

You see, I'm being very controlled in not generalizing and calling WeePost people 'morons'.


Anonymous said...

they have WeeBrains. *nods solemnly*

sinlady said...

the recipients returned the parcel? after realizing it was an error? i am impressed with that!

Anonymous said...

Here's my recent experience with them;

my shipment from amazon got classified under Others when they were obviously books, resulting in nearly a doubling of the shipment fees involved.

This is despite there being a Books category in the shipping calculator.

I shot them an email, and they replied that Books are classified under Others as well, along with electronics and some other stuff.

I decided that for sake of my sanity, I'm just going to leave it at that.

What to do? You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

imp said...

meteor: you damn mean lah.

sinlady: yes! amazingly. unopened. i'm glad for the goodness in their hearts.

JM: that really sucks. why put a category there when they don't mean it?!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. nice retort by the man! :p

kachunknorge said...

Glad you got the parcel intact!
The pWeeHeads deserved being told off by the man.

=eLaiNe= said...

luckily it was back safe and sound! super lousy services from Weepost !

imp said...

b.muse + kachunknorge: he was damn moody. it was a vintage limited edition pedal.

elaine: bah indeed.