Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The PC6

I love anything Islay. And I'm extremely impressed by this new Islay whisky.

The Bruichladdich distillery has
revived long extinct Port Charlotte single malt.

The Port Charlotte PC6 blew me away. It's not about the 61.6% cask strength.

It's about the way it's been packaged. It moved away from the tradition elegance and gained a modern edge. I think we're drawn because it's undergone a thorough branding and the mashmen looked like rock stars.

We read raving reviews about it. After sifting through a pile of information, we decided we should try it.

The PC6 is a very young whisky. I love its nose. It's complex, intriguing and alluring. I was captivated. Upon tasting, it's spicy, robust and full flavored. When we add a dash of water to it, the flavors shifted to something sweeter. The aftertaste is long and peaty.

We were completely wowed by it.

Not a whisky for newbies, please. Don't try and anyhow say it burns your throat. I'm fiercely possessive over loving the PC6.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, are you writing in English?! I'm lost from 61.6% cask strength :P. Oh, a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

imp said...

supercoati: hehehe. blessed christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

61.6%??! you guys are MAD i swear. but the bottling looks damn cool. very rock star indeed. as if it's some police/oasis bottling.

what next? ask Oasis to endorse the single malts?

imp said...

jazzgal: well. i wouldn't be surprised. single malts might just kick off in a big way. wooots. but how to endorse alcohol??!