Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Resorts World At Sentosa

We were brought around the expansive premises of Resorts World at Sentosa. Hectares of land filled with hotels, theme parks and concert halls. More gig venues! What fun!

I wasn't really interested in the hotels except to see what sort of spaces they offer. So there's a ballroom that caters to 7000 guests. Differently themed, yes, but well, they're just hotels. I'm not a fan of staying at hotels in town for a weekend or something. Not unless I've got events happening and I need to be on-site. I always prefer my own bed at home.

During the corporate briefing, I really wanted to ask about the type of sea creatures they would have in the Marine Life Park. It was on the tip of my tongue to go "So what about that whale shark? Are you still intending to enslave one after the hooha of protests has died down?" But I didn't, because this visit was in the capacity of work, not marine activist. It wasn't quite appropriate.

After being introduced to all the rides and things to do at Resorts World, I actually had an urge to get on all the rides and experience the thrills that Universal Studios Sentosa had to offer. So sucker lor.

If there is one thing I love at theme parks, it's the rollercoasters. I eyed the rollercoaster that's named 'Battlestar Galactica' due to open much later. When we went by the site, all of us wanted to clamber up the rollercoaster, save for the fact that they were still testing the rides. So only dummies filled with water were allowed to sit in the cars that zoomed through the twisting tracks. I couldn't tear myself away- I wanted to get on it so badly! Faster open already!


tuti said...

i will leave my heart up there if i went on the rides. and maybe my stomach too.

kachunknorge said...


sinlady said...

theme park sounds promising :)

b.muse said...

OOH. Decent rides in Singapore, like, finally!! I want I want!!! Heh.

wildgoose said...

You're one brave girl. I always stay away from rides, which is why I don't go theme parks.

imp said...

tuti: Heeeeee.

kachunknorge: yes, but NO getting onto rollercoasters for you. no good.

sinlady: it's quite entertaining for alot of people for sure! i'm looking forward to gigs/concerts at its new venues!

b.muse: you'll SO LIKE it. It's a HUGE one. think a minute and half possibly. i forgot to ask!

wildgoose: i've loved it since i was a kid!