Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spacing Out

I brought 2 pairs of flip flops and a pair of sports sandals- water friendly Havaianas, slinky beaded Blahniks and trek-comfy Nikes. They've served me well so far. I didn't bother with pretty dresses. I schlupped around in workout gear. Dri-fit stuff to suit the humidity. I've suddenly acquired a whole new wardrobe that looked as though it's sponsored by Nike.

I've finally caught up on all the episodes of House, Supernatural and finished Dollhouse Season 2. How awesome it is to sink into different worlds and have the mind be occupied with frivolity. Unfortunately, restaurants in Bali have also succumbed to Valentine's Day madness. We avoided all restaurants decked out in stupid candles, balloons, flowers and ribbons. They've also learnt to jack up menu prices for Valentine's Day. It was so dumb, I tell you. I chose to squat by the road for nasi padang (sorta) for Valentine's Day dinner.

With all the stretching at pilates, I didn't need alot of massages. I had only one; that was sufficient to knead and stretch the muscles. This weekend, I didn't have to sit in a chair all day to crunch keys on the laptop. The lack of those activities already did wonders to alleviate the aches.

A good break this has been. Bali has given me sufficient reflection time and plenty of thinking space.


tuti said...

i am happy for you. you work hard too. and deserve to be pampered.
i will, one day, when i can.
i do want to, but not now. everything still needs to be paid. so far this lunar tiger year has started out very well. thanks for your blessings. they mean a lot to me. my luck is changing already!

JoMel said...

I need to tell you something about nasi padang. usually the dishes that are not sold today will be reheated to be sold the next day, and the next... That's what I know of nasi padang, in most restaurants. Anyone, feel free to correct me.

sinlady said...

and i am still mostly bundled up in layers of clothes to keep dry and warm. no fair!

but enjoying the too greasy, too salty or too sweet foods for comfort :)

imp said...

tuti: then may the blessings for you hold all through the year. you deserve the nice things!

jomel: i think so too. the dishes are always kinda cold. but i don't have a tummyache!

sinlady: don't overeat!!!!! weather's turning kinder. enjoy the city!