Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Young One

Only the cutest humans get angpows from me. This one, however, kept trying to return her angpow because in her world view, it came out of my purse and therefore it belonged to me.

I kept putting the angpow right back into her little hands. After a while, she gave up the tussle and passed it to her Mommy. Finally!

I've learnt the routine of this little girl. We can take her out anywhere and she'll be absolutely good-natured about it. But come 4 - 4.30pm, she'll need a nap before she turns cranky. A good hour's nap is sufficient to rejuvenate her. We've timed our outings as such. Not a hassle at all. Fits our schedules too. Then we can rest at home before the evening activities. The nap gives us time to thaw the kurau for her dinner.

I'm amused that she has recognizes our flat and the bed. From clinging on to her Mommy during her first visit, she's now running about and clambers on to the bed willingly to nap. She also bullies my bears. She has learnt to pick her favorite bears to traumatize. As much as she's Mommy's girl, she now doesn't protest too loudly when I pick her up once in a while.

What a joy and a privilege to watch the little girl grow from an infant to a rosy-cheeked toddler! Alot of my contact with her is due to her gutsy Mommy who's always up for new experiences and brings her out all the time. She's one of the most unfussy Mommies around who never sees her baby as an impediment to her social life. If anything, I think both has been successfully integrated. I'm terribly glad that this is one friend I haven't lost contact with due to her having a youngling.


yuling said...

It's OUR joy and privilege, babe! :)

Hope Sidney (or is it Sydney) doesn't have bad breath now! I think he ate some kurau!

Dawn said...

Also I think your friend (and you!) are smart to integrate the toddler's schedules into your routine - ie if you've been out with a cranky baby who missed a nap, there's no more socialising either!

imp said...

yuling: Sydney still smells good! The other one that she dragged out- Chestnut, looks a bit wary of pint-sized humans, but otherwise okay! Heh.

dawn: always better to have a happy baby than a cranky one! i've learnt that really fast!

lilsnooze said...

She's good huh! I can only bravely take nat out on my own now that he's more independent. :)

tuti said...

she's so cute, even from partial pic.
i would be such a bad aunt and give her everything she wants!! i mean, how to say no to such an adorable child?

imp said...

lilsnooze: i must say it's difficult taking a baby out by oneself. So many things to carry and so much to do! Trust me, if I have a baby, I'm not going anywhere without at least 2 persons to help me carry things man.

tuti: hahah. i've said no to her when it concerns food. As she grows older, let's see what else I can say no to.

lovexiaolongbao said...

she's a doll!

imp said...

lovexlb: very doll indeed! hey, u keeping warm ok in BJ?