Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goto Japanese Restaurant

[This has been re-named G-One as of December 2014. No more kaiseki.]

I don't visit Goto as often as I'd have liked because it serves a traditional kaiseki (懐石料理), which is always a little too much food for the stomach. I visit whenever I've friends to palm off bits to or on days when I expect to be particularly hungry. Also, Goto inspires this feeling of zen and calm. I don't like having to rush there straight from the office. I prefer to head home to change into casuals before sitting down to a multi-course dinner with good sake and fine tea. Tonight, I've the luxury to have a hot shower (plus slather a yummy exfoliator) and change out of the work clothes before dinner.

It's been two years and the food at Goto is still consistent, dependable and beautiful, teasing out a complete umami. Every bit of it. Nothing is overcooked and every effort is made to highlight the natural taste of each item on the menu. We're now able to identify Chef Goto Hisao's preference and trademark ingredients in his creations.

As always, meals at Goto can only be described with one word- delicate. There's nothing more satisfying than tucking into a meal lovingly put together by a chef who understands how each flavor and texture are carefully meshed together in a harmonious presentation to ensure a subtle and elegant dining experience.

GOTO Japanese Restaurant
14 Ann Siang Road #01-01 Singapore 069694
T: +65 6438 1553 (Reservations are a must)
Email: (Closed on Sundays and Mondays)


JoMel said...

YUM! Your descriptions are so vivid! And delicate. :)

ice said...

Your powerful words hold more strength than colorful descriptions. (:

imp said...

jomel: :)

ice: awww. i like your descriptions! they make me want to go out and eat things!