Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hello Again Phnom Penh

For some strange reason, there were long queues at Changi Airport for the SilkAir counters for check-in and bag drop at both internet and economy. So I walked to the counter for business class. When ground staff saw that I was flying via economy, she offerred me an upgrade to business class.

Such a nice gesture from my favorite airline. It took me all of 3 seconds to politely decline the offer and grin brightly at her. No need lah. Such a short flight and really, there isn't much difference between business and economy on SilkAir. Also, I didn't want to sit with my boss even though later on, it seemed that business class was rather empty. Heh.

As luck would have it, with the 3-3 configuration in this economy cabin, no one sat next to me. I could sprawl across all 3 seats if I wanted. Yay.

I've given up buying bottles of water at the airport. Heavy to handcarry lah. Now, the bottles are packed into my bag. I've learnt from fellow colleagues during the trip to Malaysia. The ladies had packed bottles of water into their check-in luggage and nothing spilled. So I figured it would be okay. Still, if those bottles of water had spilled this week, never mind that it'd drench all my gadgets; more importantly, I really didn't want to deal with a sodden and very unhappy bear.

Luckily, the seals held and the contents of the suitcase remained dry.


sinlady said...

bon voyage!

imp said...

sinlady: indeed. thanks!