Saturday, March 13, 2010

Writing On Blue

The new project looking more and more concrete. Perhaps it'll come to fruition. It could bomb. But it's exciting all the same. The negotiations are surprisingly easy, but framed in an intricate dance all the same. It's the work that's to be followed up which is kinda taxing. Ah. One can't have just the fun and not the crunch. Make no mistake- the work year is going to be gruelling and there can't be any slacking off. Boo.

Many firsts on this Cambodia trip:

- A Cambodia entry stamp to begin the travel tales of my new passport with a stupid looking new photo.

- Didn't squeak about the accommodation. It was VERY proper.

- Broke the ice with the Boss. (I was previously terrified each time my work trip involves his presence. I always worry about what to say, what not to do, where to go and what to eat...etc. I always try to run away from him and minimize contact time. Now I'm like, heck it, I'm 32, not an airhead. So I'll just be ME.)

- Used one of the new suitcases and loving it.

- Ha. The black and white travel notebook has finally run out of space. So it's a spanking new blue one now. Its first few pages don't contain meeting notes. They contain random scribbles about where to go and what to do in Phnom Penh.

I've always enjoyed the trips to countries in ASEAN. It's such a blessing to be able to explore the cities both in the personal and work capacity. It isn't just about learning or appreciating another country's culture. It's about drawing from history and linking it to current events and making sense of it all. The experiences frame and heighten my understanding of the region we live in and often, better appreciate or to be critical of Singapore's culture and society, systems and infrastructure.


tuti said...

'stupid looking new photo'? lol. can't be that bad lah. haha.

imp said...

tuti: oh trust me, it is bad. I didn't bother with make-up or hair or anything. Just grabbed an ugly photo to make a deadline.