Friday, April 30, 2010


After going on a binge for all things spicy, I was hit by this insane craving for the Chinese-style stewed abalone with spinach. I wanted to drench a bit of white rice in that gravy and call it dinner. I think that's about the only thing on a Chinese menu I like, aside from the clear soups. Even so, I very much prefer vegetarian soups at restaurants because they do not have that eeeky chicken or porky taste/smell.

My day at work was crazy. A full-day conference, nervous checking of the emails at 7pm before dashing off to (personal) dinner. There would be more things to be done over emails after dinner. Thankfully, the venue was quiet and did much to soothe the mind.

The abalone craving was satisfied at Jade. They made me wait a really long time for the dish because they wanted to steam the abalone properly before serving. It was worth the wait for sure. But the other dishes also took their time in arriving at the table. So I had to gently hurry them along. The servers apologized profusely because I told them I was starving.

For some reason, again, we never made it to dessert. Nothing much appealed. Apparently, we over-ordered and couldn't finish the food. I tapau-ed a tofu-vegetables thingy for lunch the next day. It went really well with brown rice.

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