Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dinner & An Apple Pie!

So sad that we won't be able to head to NYC to spend summer with the dessert angel and my aunts this year. We can kiss goodbye to visiting the Scotland whisky distilleries too.

We spent a good month agonizing over dates and schedules to see what we could juggle without falling flat on the face. In the end, we just had to make a very hard decision to abandon a vacation to NYC. We don't have that luxury of time. We can't squeeze out the 2 weeks needed. The man's completely flooded too. It kinda feels sucky to have to disappoint so many people.

As much as I'd love to, I can't say 'screw it' and spend 3 weeks away from the office. As it is, I've only taken 5 days of leave and pondering very hard about the rest of it. I'll probably grab another couple of days and that's it. I think the main reason is, the team is very busy and I don't want to be away too long. I really love my job and it somehow, does reciprocate my feelings. Don't poo-poo it okay.

The man's parents took us and the dessert angel out to dinner. We really don't get to see her enough! She came armed with a homemade apple pie! I tell you, I swooned. She spent all afternoon baking it and was miffed with the heat and humidity, which interfered with the pie! I was extremely distracted by the pie all through dinner. It smelt really good. I wasn't even paying much attention to the conversation on death penalty, Scott Turow's Ultimate Punishment, Liberia and mind over matter matters. I was just thinking of warm butter, apple and cold vanilla bean ice-cream. Mmmmmmm. I feel really possessive over this pie. But I'd have to share it with other humans. Gaaah.


sinlady said...

who needs clever conversation when there is fresh-baked home-made apple pie haha

Dawn said...


suntaneye said...

am sad to hear you will not be stopping by. maybe next year then? love your dress btw, you look great in it!

imp said...

sinlady: indeed!

dawn: :(

suntaneye: Maybe next year. I must work towards that!