Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stupid Green Crocodile

The work associate brought out this prop for me to play with. He uses it while facilitating discussions or during speaking engagements. He told me to press any one of those teeth. I was like, "It's going to bite me!" He swore that it wouldn't. So I randomly picked one tooth. The plastic jaws snapped. Owwwwww. He dissolved into guffaws.

He explained that this prop had been set for the jaws to snap when a particular tooth is pressed. I've so far, been the first to get my fingers bitten on the first try. Grrrrr.

The photo above is simply made of posed shots. I had to press it again just to verify what the work associate said. The second round, the jaws snapped on the third press of a random tooth. Hmmmph. The silly hard plastic can split a girl's cuticle man! Tsk.


JoMel said...

hahaha.. so cute! You have luck! Go buy lottery! :D

So, what's the discussion about, that would warrant the use of a stupid green crocodile?

yuling said...

We are soooo looking for this! A colleague used this to randomly select students to present and we've been hunting for it since. Need some silliness injected into the mundane routine!

Hmmm, don't tell me it's the same guy... :p

imp said...

jomel: i've never bought lottery! i don't have that kind of luck! *shrugs* it was on some dry leadership module.

yuling: he got it online i believe, along with the BIG-sized deck of playing cards for ice-breakers. don't think is the same guy lah.

tuti said...

hahaha. it is funny. hope it didn't hurt too much. *stifles laughter*

Cavalock said...

online? guy doesn't have kids does he? can find it in toy sections of most dept stores, n a lot cheaper too i bet.

imp said...

tuti: hehe. nope, didn't hurt that much. i was just whining!

cavalock: yes, he doesn't have kids. no he doesn't have time to go to shop in the stores either, so it's gotta be online!