Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've turned my stomach topsy-turvy with a whole new sudden set of meal-times. Since there's plenty of physical strength required, carbs and protein would be needed in the day, so breakfast is a must during these 2 weeks. Coffee isn't compulsory, but it's nice to have because the resorts do a unexpectedly good flat white.

Unlike the man, I don't have space for nasi goreng in the morning. At 7am, I stick to juice, eggs, cheese and bread. Muesli and granola will do fine too. I've fallen in love with this zucchini bread. It's so tasty. Not salty and not too sweet, it's a heavy bread with an earthy fresh veggie tint that's quite filling in a slice.

Lunch is also necessary because we need to replenish all the energy expended through climbing and perspiration. It's also a good break in the middle of the day for some rest. While we're enthusiastic about the activities, we must also spare some thought for the guide and driver who work so hard to keep us well taken care of. Anyway, after a morning of doing whatever jumping or walking, by 1pm, I'm strangely hungry.

Dinner is not a must at this juncture. We've been having salad as an early dinner before we hit the sack by 9pm. I'm inclined to think that this lifestyle is having a positive influence on the body. I feel lighter, stronger and importantly, I don't whine when I wake up in the mornings. My brain and body tell me that I've had sufficient sleep. There isn't a need to laze in bed before I roll out. The vacation's sleep cycle and messy food rhythm are unbelievably healthy.


Dawn said...

My neighbour makes an awesome zucchini bread - by the time July rolls around, everyone has zucchini coming out of our ears so it's put in EVERYTHING.

Dawn said...

PS Isn't that what vacation is all about?

imp said...

dawn: I love vacations that let me sleep lots! U're going to get zucchini bread strolling ur way in 2 mths! Are u going to attempt some zucchini recipes?

kikare said...

What strangely hungry?! I'm almost always hungry at 1pm :p

Today is the 2nd day of my "vacation" so far that I had over 6 hours of sleep straight! Bliss!

sinlady said...

the healthful you is back !

imp said...

kikare: oh yay! the studying is done. eat well at where you are!

sinlady: yah!