Monday, May 31, 2010

Coffee At Breakfasts

I thought the coffee would be shite on this trip. But no, each cup I've had has been fabulous. It began on the plane when they made me a thick Colombian black. Service on this 2hr flight is always quite rushed. So I'm glad they took the trouble to make me what I wanted instead of simply serving their regular brew.

I've firmly turned down invitations to visit all coffee plantations and especially anything to do with kopi luwak. There isn't a need to waste my time since I don't know how to appreciate those brews. Besides Nespresso and fancy coffee machines in the villas, the resorts do a very decent brew of cappuccino and flat white. It isn't just about the skills of the baristas, although they've never burnt my coffee and do a good mix of less milk. It's also in the beans they use. The roast is good. It's a fabulous way to begin the day.

I haven't been experimental in juices during the mornings. I love orange juice and it wouldn't feel right to begin the day without a fresh glass. The oranges used are perfect for juices- thick, an even balance of tartness and sweet. I've been drinking glasses and glasses of it. The smoothies held the man's attention though. He liked all that they offered, especially the classic ones with banana. He also went into the kitchen to ask them to do a peanut butter smoothie. Doh.


tuti said...

peanut butter smoothie?
ah. sounds like total indulgence. yummy!

sinlady said...

hmm..why so suspicious of coffee in bali to begin with?

imp said...

tuti: yup! it's like a peanut butter milkshake. Rich, frothy and quite yummy.

sinlady: i don't like the traditional balinese brew and especially not at those coffee plantations or kopi luwak. i don't know how to appreciate those. a lot of high end resorts turn out disappointing coffee.

kikare said...

I don't really see flat white being very popular here. don't tsk tsk if they can't make you a decent cup ok?

imp said...

kikare: a flat white's very aussie. so in many places, just gimme a cappucino dry and i'll be happy as a lark. :)