Friday, May 14, 2010

Drinks At The Office

My big boss tried to inject some fun and spontaneity into our work life by calling for 'Happy Hours' on a Friday afternoon. Since it involved alcohol and mindful of various sensitivities, there wasn't an official invitation sent to everyone. It was done through word of mouth and informal channels.

The few people behind the mini event contributed plenty of wine, juices, crackers and whatnots. They took care of setting up and cleaning up. That was lovely of them. What I really appreciated- the effort to use proper glasses instead of disposables.

You know how bad I am with wine, so I brought an easy bottle of single malt whisky- the Auchentoshan Three Wood. Unpeated, it isn't my usual choice of a drink. But since I intended to share, that would be a perfect fruity dram for beginners. The colleagues were surprised at how easy it was. Of course lah- I picked it with them in mind. The bottle has since made its rounds in the office afterhours and has won a fair number of fans! Heee.

People turned up, of course. It was a good start. I thought that in this industry, we don't know how to schmooze. But apparently, once in a while, we can.

There's some talk of having different departments taking turns to organize 'impromptu' Friday drinks. You've no idea how tickled I am about that. Some departments are going to take this so seriously that it can become a competition just to tell the big boss that they're involved and committed. They will actually set objectives and ensure that the points of the mini-event of hitting numbers and cross-department interaction to be fulfiled. I dunno. Maybe this initiative will just die a natural death. I simply don't see the alcohol/drinks culture being a regular fixture in this organization's traits.


supercoati said...

Sounds simple but so darn good! I wanna come to a session organise by you but I don't work in your organization, hahahaha...

JoMel said...

waah.. like your pose. So chi chi! :D

tuti said...

whenever you take a pic, i always love your smile. your teeth too. lol.

Dawn said...

Yeah you need Cheetohs - nothing says happy like orange stained teeth.

imp said...

supercoati: you will NOT want to work here. heeee. we've no use for your skills and competencies! :p

jomel: heh. i think we were all having fun!

tuti: AIYOH. my teeth are bad! don't look at them. that's why i put them as small as possible.

dawn: AIYOH. that's so UNGLAMOROUS. bleah. i'll rawk a mobile prata trolley.

tuti said...

imp, you going to grow out your hair again? you look very glam with long hair too and the weather is getting cooler these days. hee.
(now you is very chic too with short hair.)

Little Miss Snooze said...

Wahaha I actually know what you mean by KPIs and all that!

Waaah, I must find reason to be at your office on Friday afternoons. ;)

imp said...

tuti: nope! don't want long hair. want short hair. re-shaping my bob. that's probably why it looks different.

lms: if there's something fun on a Friday, i'll buzz you!