Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gone Surfing

Aside from the beachfront of our resort, the other surf sites near us are the tiny stretches at Soka and Balian Beaches, and of course, Medewi Beach. I headed straight to Medewi Beach to check it out. My goodness, the beach was simply gorgeous. There weren't many surfers around. Not many tourists either! YAY!

But aiyah, wrong move. I should have parked my ass at the calmer waters of Soka Beach. Medewi Beach is for seriously experienced surfers. The waves were huge! The rocks at this stretch of the beach were super dangerous. I wouldn't want to be smashed against it. But 1 out 15 waves will be that big one that you can't help but ride on with a carefree toss of the hands.

It was awesome. The only problem, I'm not a very good surfer. I lasted for only 25 minutes before calling it a day. Paddling out to catch that wave meant I had nothing else but the surfboard to rely on. I got tired after a while. I'm deathly scared of swimming in the sea because I don't know what lies beneath. That's probably why diving appeals more to me than any other form of sea sports. In order to surf, I could only conquer my fear for a little while before I need to get back onto dry land.

Battling waves is rather exhausting. Luckily my toenails and fingernails are intact after. Phew. I was so afraid of losing the surfboard or worse, have it slam into my shins. That would be beyond painful. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to sort out repair jobs here? Eiooww.


ame said...

aiyah. i wanted to comment on the previous post but cannot already.
my comment - nice dress! :) :)

b.muse said...

I MISS SURFING!! Haha, we are really extreme opposites in our love of sea sports. ;p

JoMel said...

or worst... have that scene from Jaws playing right before your eyes. Eeks!!!

I have the same fear of the open sea, though I used to dive. I almost had a panic attack underwater once! Never again man. It's not worth it! Life is short, we should just stick to doing things that we like! :)

imp said...

ame: comment here lah. same. thanks! you should get more maxi dresses. you look so good in them. i can only wear a certain kind and still have to alter it shorter by 4 inches. Boo.

b.muse: OWWWWW. You must make a trip here just for the surfing then! luckily i can still sit by the beach, lepak and watch you surf. heh.

jomel: man, I LOVED JAWS. It scared the shit out of me, but I still watched all 3 movies again and again. do you still snorkel then? otherwise, just chill out on the boat!

tuti said...

aiyoh scary how toenails and fingernails are so prone to getting hurt in such sports. glad yours stayed intact.
i am still laughing about your bears staying so still at the side of the pool. can't get it out of my mind, haaha.

imp said...

tuti: my bears are silly things.