Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bowmore Trilogy Dinner Singapore

This was a social and we knew it. But the Bowmore Trilogy Dinner at Au Jardin Les Amis was not to be missed. It was a good chance to sample the 1964 Black, White and Gold. The dinner menu was the usual, done by Chef Galvin Lim. The table enjoyed the food. However, the dishes featured, although matched the single malts perfectly, weren't items I fancied. I was not really bothered about it though. I could just eat a little. I was mostly there for the whisky!

I understand that proceeds from the Bowmore Trilogy Dinner in New York City's Aureole contributed to National Geographic Mission Programmes. If my schedule had allowed it, I'd have flown into NYC for that. A pity this one in Singapore didn't do anything similar. It's a wasted opportunity, really. There was ALOT of money in the room tonight and I was really tempted to pursue some of my personal causes, but had to bite my tongue. I'll leave that to another occasion. I'm not sure I want the publicity. Heh.

There was champagne earlier that I identified as a Dom Perignon youngish- it was a 2000. It was always nice to begin an event with good champagne. In fact, I wanted to keep the palate clean for the Black, White and Gold. I'm fond of the various Bowmore expressions and am familiar with most bottlings already. There were cigars. But it was too hot and eeky to stand outdoors in the humidity to smoke those. The evening started properly with Alaskan crab with urchin, aquitaine caviar in chilled bonito broth was unusual, but nothing to scream about. It did match the Bowmore 12 y.o fairly well.

Then we moved on to the cod tongue wrapped in iberian ham to sit in an olive oil emulsion to match the Bowmore 15 y.o. I scrapped off the ham and prodded the tongue. Interesting. The main was the roasted US prime short-rib in seasonal vegetables to go with the Bowmore 18 y.o. I jabbed at it and sat that out. They didn't give diners a choice of mains and I forgot to mention it to the organizers about my food preferences. I had quite alot of bread to make up for it though. The roll of butter was quite tasty.

Dessert was a warm chocolate moelleux with goat's milk ice cream and the Bowmore 25 y.o. I loved this pairing. The dessert was not overly sweet and went beautifully with the one of my perennial Bowmore favorites.

Between the appetizers, main and dessert, we sampled a dram each for the Black, White and Gold. Ahhh....the familiar fruitiness and peat. Mango, guava, creamy goodness, tart and lingering aftertaste rolled in one after the other. Beautiful. The Black's sweet flavors are deceptively simple because its afternotes are long and complex. The White's afternotes linger clean and hint at more peat. The Gold, my favorite of all, is as multi-layered as they come in terms of an intriguing nose and swirl. I'm not going to expound on its individual flavors. Google them and you'll get a flood of information. Otherwise, my previous posts here, here and here, contain more information on the respective flavors and character of the Trilogy.

Ever since I was told to block the date for the Bowmore Trilogy Dinner in Singapore, I was fervently hoping it wouldn't clash with any of my work trips. This is one social event that I want to attend. It didn't clash with anything. Yay! I'm a very happy imp. Thanks Joyce and Khoon, it has been a very delightful night.


Victor Chen said...

Hi there! I was googling the singapore bowmore trilogy event and your blog came up...was kinda curious to know what was going on upstairs as my friends and I were playing music downstairs. Nice photos and write-up, you evidently know your whiskies well.

Joyce and Khoon Hui very graciously offered us a taste of the Black, White and Gold after the event, with some 18 and 25 in between sets. Heaven on earth! Best gig ever.

imp said...

Victor: Hello! I LOVE single malts. It's been only whisky for me since I was 18! The Trilogy was definitely awesome! I like your band's rendition of Honky Tonk Blues. Not drunk enough to ask for John Mayer songs though. :p Thanks for providing a rhythm to the event!

Victor Chen said...

Ahhh so you were the one standing at the side mouthing out the words! Small world...thanks for listening, believe you me it was our pleasure playing for this event. Hope we get to do the next one, heh.

imp said...

Victor: :)