Friday, October 01, 2010

Chupa Chups For The Album Launch of Duae

You know what they say about a great first album and a mediocre second. For Lunarin, it's not exactly the opposite per se, but it would be what I term, 'a step up'. Personally, I prefer Lunarin's heavier Duae to Chrysalis.

It was a very good way of spending Friday evening- yummy sushi dinner at Tatsuya, then onward to Lunarin's album 2-hour launch at The Arts House. I really liked the acoustic cover of Depeche Mode's 'Strange Love'. That was unexpectedly downtempo and provided a refreshing tint to the mood and vibe, especially when the drummer decided to show off his finger skills on the keyboard.

Since it was Chillren's Dae, Lunarin prepped M & Ms and chupa chups (apple and chocolate!) for us all! I had to have lollipops to accompany the mild head-banging from chest height upwards. I fainted dead away when Linda appeared in a SKIRT and black HEELS. Very sexy, but I can't imagine the dainty heels being able to fully support the weight of her Thunderbirds.

Eh, you owe us one more song- 'The Inquisition'. Don't bluff. We saw your setlist.

Since Linda has declared that she has done enough pimping of the 2 boys and the band, we will do the rest of the hard sell for her. So, grab a copy of Duae. If not for the music, then check out how the girl and boys recorded this at home. :) But first, you need to be sorta interested in progressive rock and not just mousey covers or bubblegum pop.


Dawn said...

That looks awesome and the chupa chups are a great idea!

imp said...

dawn: heheh. the sweets are meant to be our chillren's dae presents!