Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yummy Thai Food At Bann Nucha

There is only so much of the food at the hotel’s café we can swallow. We walked out for a breath of fresh air and looked for a dinner venue. There are only so many easy-to-get-to places in Gadong. We ended up at The Mall again, and decided to try Thai food at the restaurant which looked rather authentic.

What a surprise to find out that it’s owned by a friendly Thai lady who says her food is good. In the end, we agreed that her kitchen churns out rather delicious homey Thai food. I was secretly overjoyed. It was quite unexpected to have a good Thai meal on this trip.

We didn’t over order at all, but just took a sufficient dose of spices and textures to tantalize our tastebuds. In fact I thought we under ordered! I skipped the rice and had to try the phad thai. That's how I judge the standard of a Thai restaurant. The phad thai has to be of a certain standard. It was good. Not too sweet and just right in terms of saltiness. From the tom yum soup, it was clear that they toned down the spices for the Bruneian palate, but retained the flavors of all the ingredients. Nice. The rest of the food was most satisfying. From the faces of the colleagues chowing down the meal, the food definitely hit a very sweet spot.

I was really full. You know I’m not much of a dessert person. But I couldn’t resist that red ruby. This version contained jackfruit. Awesome. The rest shared tiny bites from a plate of very sweet mango with the traditional sticky rice. What full stomachs. Nonsense. They even had space for some peanut butter and chocolate mini waffle thingy from another stall! Doh.

Bann Nucha
Unit 2.3.1, The Mall, Level 2, Abdul Razak Complex
Gadong BSB, Brunei Darussalam
T: +673 2456122 Mobile: +673 8903437


JoMel said...

YUM! You had been craving for Thai food! I have not had thai food in a long time..

sinlady said...

did i tell you i LOVE thai desserts :)

you are eating well in Brunei!

imp said...

jomel: i'm sure KL has some good eateries?

sinlady: only the good desserts are worth the calories. food's not bad here at certain places!

tuti said...

i love green curry. but now the small eateries serving thai do them so gross.

imp said...

tuti: the prima instant packs found at the supermarkets are not bad at all. cook green curry yourself?

tuti said...

ah, i must try then! thanks.
when i get my own kitchen. not now. ;)