Friday, November 19, 2010

Lunch At Home

Humans really don't need to eat so much. Well, liking the food is one thing, eating to sustain physical energy is another. There're some days where one full 3-course dinner or lunch is enough. Nibbles for the rest of the day would suffice.

On some days we go overboard on bread, pâté and cheese. I like the easy mix of comté, pecorino and perail. Add the fruits, cheerful tomatoes and beans, along with a huge dish of salad, lunch can be immensely filling, oddly.

The man loves his duck liver pate and chicken liver black truffle mix. He'll do slices of ham and prosciutto as well. I'll stick with mushroom pate. Importantly, these go swimmingly well with sourdough and mixed grain breads. I'm not too fond of olive bread even though they look so pretty! The breads are BIG! They can feed 6 people easily! Slicing them up and popping them into the oven for a bit make for delicious eating. If you're really hardworking, you could chop up the ingredients and boil up a clear vegetable or a chicken soup which will be perfect for winter. While you're at it, portion out more so that you could just freeze the extras and heat them up the next day. No need to go through the pain of cooking daily in winter.

We've warm water flowing through the taps. Trust me, you don't want to do the dishes in icy cold water while all snug in a warm parlor. We don't need any sort of central heating at all just yet, except for the towel racks. The house hasn't got drafts of cold air wafting through. It isn't too cold, but winter is coming on strong. You can feel the new chill in the air. I don't really like winter. Like how animals hibernate during winter, I'd love to do nothing but snuggle under the blankets and flop around at home all day. Oh, and hug a hot water bottle. They're absolutely perfect for misty mornings and foggy days like this.


Dawn said...

No need to cook every day ever :) Leftovers save so much time. In fact, I find winter more conducive to cooking than summer is. Nothing like being in a nice warm kitchen on a cold day.

imp said...

dawn: less perspiration i suppose. that's what the man says! but i find cooking a chore anyway! so heating up food is best. 10x is da bomb. :D

Dawn said...

Haha :)