Friday, November 26, 2010


The day's activities offered me a ride on the bumboat and a view of sunset over the city's skyline. We bobbed almost all the way up to Marina Barrage, stared at the 3 strange wavy trunks that are Marina Bay Sands, and chugged back to the Merlion Pier, of which I avoided every conversation about the Merlion. It's like Santa Claus, you know. I never believed in it even as a kid. Anyway, the change of scenery was refreshing.

Is it awesome that I live in this amazing city? Yes, in many ways, I'm proud of my country, which has nothing to do with my opinions on domestic politics. It is entirely separate, and in my mind, almost mutually exclusive.

I wasn't exactly thinking about cheeemology topics. I was simply pondering on how poetic it would be for me to hold a whisky glass in hand or a bloody mary on the 40-minute ride. Yes, I sorely miss alcohol today.


ame said...

i like our bumboat ride :)
and i could do with a drink too :p

imp said...

ame: this one was particularly enjoyable coz we chartered the boat! and it was a NEW 1-mth old boat. absolutely pristine. heheheheh.

sinlady said...

3 strange wavy chunks that are Marina Bay Sands deserve a stare. i absolutely gawp at the arc like structure stranded atop the chunks heheh.

leaving domestic politics aside, i agree this place is awesome.