Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 : Closed

The last day of another year.

At the end of it, there're plenty of musings, lots of things to smile about and no regrets. I've done all the inner reflection, and through the written angst and peace in July and August. 2011 will be topsy-turvy for me. Bring it on.

This blog is put up for the benefit of friends and some of the family that I actually like. I write what I choose to. This isn't sugar and spice. I select the angles to display in the public sphere. Nothing I say here is unmentionable to humans in face-to-face meets. Not everything I say in face-to-face meets is repeated here. You, who know me, know that. I have made some friends along the way. You people are gems. Much appreciated.

To the others, thank you for coming by. Communication is never over-rated. Constructive criticisms and lovely words, I appreciate your insights and I've been touched by your gestures of friendship, sometimes empathy, understanding and tolerance. An unexpected blessing.

To the rest, I don't blog for you or write what you want to read, but since I've chosen to put this out to be publicly accessible, you're not unwelcome. You're often intriguing.

Oh, this sounds like a goodbye-blogging post. It isn't. :) It's me saying thank you to y'all for reading the nonsense written these 5 years. Blogspot has been kind; I'm too lazy to shift to another domain. This will not become a photo blog because I take crap photos and blabber too much. So, I'll continue to write as I will in the new year.

To all, have a fruitful 2011. Make each day count, make the year a happy one. Whenever you can, steal moments for yourself. Breathe. I wish you well.


Dawn said...

Happy New Year Impers.

imp said...

To you too, Dawnie.

kikare said...

Okay I agree you don't take stunning photos, but the way your crop your header photos often impresses me :)

See ya in 2011, hopefully!

JoMel said...

Make each day count. That's all that matters. Happy new year Imp, and man, and family. :)

tuti said...

i.. like.. all your pics taken here. they bring me places and the food, talk about the food! i just enjoy coming here. your blog makes me happy, imp.
and to top it all, i am happy you're my blog friend. can't ask for more!

*a toast to my faerie-friend*
yummmmsengggg. opps. :D
happy 2011!

kachunknorge said...

Happy New Year, Imp.
Hope to see you on the top side of the world in 2011.

supercoati said...

Phew.....for a moment I thought you are locking up and I have enjoyed reading this blog so much. I wish kachunknorge would write more too! Happy New Year!

sinlady said...

i was about the write along the same line for my last post for the year, but you said it all here!

you keep up the good job you are doing with your life, my friend.

once more, all good wishes, my friend.

imp said...

kikare: i hope so too! i love 2010 HK. We try for something in 2011!

jomel: to you too, babe. and to the 2 girls, 1 boy and 1 big boy. :D

tuti: i'm VERY glad to have you around. a big toast right back at ya.

kachunknorge: to our next meal, woman.

supercoati: i love having you come by. we share an insane love for the bags. heeeeee.

sinlady: and thank you. i didn't realize it's been such a while from the time i first knew you. we must meet soon. to you and the man.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2011! :)

And thank you for sharing snippets of your life here. I can't remember how I first came by but I really enjoy reading your posts!

imp said...

dreamlaughlive: as I have enjoyed reading your words. 2011 is a year of change for you. All the best and have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones as well! Thanks for your comment and for popping by my blog. :)

ice said...

Write, rant, imp. Whatever it is, I love reading your blog all the same. Happy New Year.

imp said...

lady J: and thank you for coming by here! write more!

ice: Hear hear. Appreciate you checking in and giving all the foodnotes. :)