Saturday, December 11, 2010

Afternoon Tea With The Girls

We sprawled in the chairs at Chihuly Lounge for a languid afternoon. I was there for the tea, and the company. I didn't know what to make of their 'special' Christmas food or the all-white desserts because both didn't totally appeal. Overkill of egg white used in the desserts. Eiooowww. I think I prefer its traditional afternoon tea on the weekdays. But the drinks were good, as always.

It was comforting to catch up with the girls after such a long while. I must have not seen them for 3 months! I've missed our chats and the laughter at the crazy lines we spout. I didn't have to try very hard not to talk about work. It wasn't even anywhere in my thoughts. But as 5.20pm crept up, texts beeped on the phone about work matters. Like, bloody hell. It was a foooking Saturday. If it was that urgent, you damn well say it earlier, but as of Friday 6pm, no, nobody thought to say anything. I was like, fuck you, and you and you. (the 'you' doesn't refer to the sender of the texts)

Okay, never mind. At least there were lovely tea and company to rein me in so that I didn't exactly explode into smithereens. I could still enjoy my tea before going home to log on to the work email to type out the content methodically and in a rather detached manner. Remember, even if shit hits the fan and splatters on the wall, it's NONE of my business. So I'll take a chill pill (for the month) and shrug it off.

A little girl reminded us that Christmas, is about hugging bears, kissing them and throwing them about. It's also about grinning at humans without too much thoughts of wanting to strangle them. As usual, the little girl didn't exactly talk to us till the end of the afternoon. Then she willingly came to pull our hands and wanted our attention; excitedly chattered and showed us what she wanted Ed the Bear to do.

And Christmas, is precisely that. I needed a little girl to make me smile with her innocence and stir up notions of what this month should be about, and in one afternoon, my mind shifted the priorities and issues in the head to make the most of the sort of emotions dictating the tone of the month.


corsage said...

I recognise that pretty dress! :)

imp said...

corsage: oh, yes, you would recognize that! Hehehehe. :) A box full of pretty contents has been passed to me and it'll get to you soon.

Yuling said...

imp:: Another lovely day out. Next time, I'll remember to bring her own bear and Ed wouldn't feel so bullied. :)

corsage:: It's exclusive! It's not up on my site! :p

imp said...

yuling: no worries! Ed the Bear lives to serve!