Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sweeping Out The Year

No better activity than to greet a new year with friends gathering around the table for Scrabble. Although I felt ostracized because I don't own an iPhone! Gaaah. The friends ursurped my iPad and began rounds of Scrabble before and after midnight.

There was to be no bad movies for the new year. But we did watch Mike Judge's 'Idiocracy' the other day which was so damn lame, and we caught the suspend-all-disbelief 'The Tourist'. In the words of Rolling Stone magazine, it was a "craptacular". We couldn't agree more. Not even if I think Angelina Jolie is gorgeous in there.

New Year's Eve was like any other day. It was good. We didn't bother about no fireworks, fancy parties, glamorous dinners or stuff like that. We could, but not this year. Maybe for the next. We've gone through many New Years' Eve doing all those items on the checklist. That transition to the new year didn't have to feel magical. It just had to feel right.

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