Saturday, February 12, 2011

At The Supermarket

Now that the BFF's back from a fabulous vacation, I've shifted over to her pretty apartment. While she went off to sort her bones at the chiropractor, she sent her boyfriend on a supermarket run to stock up on supplies. They usually shop at Carrefour and some of those Japanese chains, but for my benefit, we went to a local Tesco.

The BFF wanted red dates to make some sort of tea with the dried longans that her mother sent. I stared at all the different red dates for a long while. There were so many different kinds, and then there seemed to be some which weren't meant for boiling or cooking, but as a snack. So I randomly picked the desiccated-looking ones which I assumed would plump up in water. I gave it a think and put in wolfberries and rock sugar into the trolley. She would know what to do with them, or call her mother.

For some odd reason, we seemed to be the only foreigners around this afternoon, which only added to my whole experience of the people in this city. I was absolutely flabbergasted by how people picked out the cuts of meats they wanted. With their bare hands, they poked at each piece of unwrapped meat, lifted them up and swung them around before asking the staff to wrap them up. I've heard stories about it, but to see it in action, it was nothing short of fascinating.


tuti said...

very hands-on at the meat section. just like the wet market.

Dawn said...

They swing them around? Why??

imp said...

tuti: very!

dawn: i dunno! bouncy means fresh?