Sunday, February 13, 2011


We bundled up for a cold afternoon out at TianZiFang (田子坊), the supposed art enclave in Shanghai. I was keen to see the olden architecture and though refurbished, this area offers a fair bit of sight-seeing on this front.

I very much prefer the shopping at TianZiFang than the madness at QiPuLu (七浦路), which comprises of adjoining buildings which are like fire-hazards. Walking through the multi-levels of tiny stores selling all sorts of stuff and badly-made fakes with no style or quality, is NOT shopping. It's a warzone where people elbow and shove you all the time, making it a harrowing experience.

At Tianzifang, you get pushed around less. One might call it a tourist trap, but isn't entirely so. There're many unique pieces here and the boutiques are almost quirky. There were cute-sy stuff, kitschy and garish items which induced shudders. But they added to the colors and fun vibe of the area. I had some shops in mind and came away with buys from Plastered 8, Pill Art and Teelocker.

I can't be fussed with tailoring clothes. I can fit into most of the off-the-rack cheongsams with minor alterations which wouldn't take more than an hour to complete. I like the dresses in a number of the boutiques, which are traditional Chinese cheongsams, tops and jackets crafted in a modern minimalist design. The eye-popping prices almost match the craftmanship. If you can pick out the good fabric and wool from the rest, there're excellent buys here.


ame said...

the tees look fun!

imp said...

ame: it is quite cute! got tees with emo prints/wording too!

ame said...

haha. like THE one? :p
show me when u get back!

imp said...

ame: no leh! i didn't take photos of that! let me see if i pass by any shops again that sells emo tees! :P