Friday, February 18, 2011


Since it was still the lunar new year (元宵节), the friends bought bags of firecrackers and we headed out to light some fires. While commercial fireworks are impressive and breathtaking, they've lost that magic for me. But I suppose in China during the period of Lunar New Year, we've got to get some boom going.

We had boxes of the type where it shoots 10 metres up into the sky where they burst into streaks of colored light and sparks. We lined them up properly along the street. Under the full moon, I lit the string/thread/fuse and ran far far away. I didn't intend to kill myself or have an accident. It was a short spurt. But so fun. Heh. I've not really played with fireworks proper. Previous trips to China have not created many opportunities to play with them. I've always stood aside to watch. Now, I'm a proper 'fire-starter'!

I was so damn Singaporean lor; asked the friends if neighbors would complain about the noise or if it's illegal. The friends had to drill it into me that this is China, smoking everywhere is legal, fireworks are legal, setting them off in the middle of the street at whatever time is legal, leaving piles of paper and whatnots along the road is legal, and to hell with the neighbors if they complain because they're noisier. I listened and nodded with mirth. Hehhh.

My China induction is complete!


JoMel said...

fun! I played with firecrackers with my older cousins during CNY, at my grandma's in Sarawak.. when I was hmm.. maybe 7 or 8. Back then, it was still legal here. Now, no more lor.

imp said...

jomel: so fun!

sinlady said...

i remember setting off firecrackers as a child but i think ours were tinny tiny puffs of smoke and fizzle compared to what is allowed in China :)

tuti said...

so fun so lucky to have the opportunity to set off firecrackers!!

i remember in my younger days, they hang long long red bunches from strings hung from top floor houses, which is just one floor up lah.
then the street strewn all red with the gunpowder smell lingering. so intoxicatingly fun!!
before that we had to either run to cross the street or wait out the whole scene.

imp said...

sinlady + tuti: it's kinda dangerous, but kinda festive.