Saturday, February 05, 2011

年初三 :: 闯入家宅吃晚饭

Our friends are home! We've gotten so used to them commuting between US and Singapore that now, it feels surreal to know that they're back here for a bit. We wanted to see the friends, and also wanted to say hi to their parents. Somehow we managed to fit both items on the agenda into one evening and cleverly barged in at their house for dinner too. Heheeheh.

I chased a dog around the house, but he decided to be nice because I fed him 6 tiny pieces of venison treats. Didn't dare to feed him more. He's greedy and doesn't know how to stop. The cats are just the sweetest and the one naughty cat who always swipes at humans considered swiping at me too, except I was still some way from invading her comfort zone.

The parents decided that dinner on the patio would be nice in the evening breeze. It was cool and lovely. I made evil cackles when the friends' dad scooped out the biggest piece of chicken from the biryani onto the man's plate. MUAHAHAHAHA. The man ate more chicken than rice methinks. I was focused on the prata with onion and splashed with dhaal. YUMZZZZ. There were sambal prawns too. HUGE ones. Since I hadn't touched prawns for weeks, I decided the body could tahan one prawn. I also ate many many many pieces of ikan kuning. All washed down by glasses of the dependable Sassicaia 2005.

Finally, at this house, there were no ang pows given. Only mandarin oranges for luck. WHEW! BUT, we came away with so many presents from the friends. And a birthday present which would keep me occupied all day for a bit. A dvd box set of Homicide: Life on the Street! *SQUEALS* My life has just gotten better! The Wire was brilliant. And I'm crushed that there'll be no Season 6. Now, I've got something to look forward to! The friends also gave me a very cute pig from Boyds Bears who doesn't seem very impressed with the new box set. This will be a precious pig because the Boyds Bears Country Museum and main store are now closed. :( Before I could get there for a visit! Arrrrrrgh. But Boyds products can still be found in independent retailers.

I was raring to watch Homicide S1E1 tonight. But the man has conked out. Wine always does this to him. Tsk. Unlike Mad Men and The Cape which he watches on his own, (I watch Supernatural on my own) this is one of those tv series that we agree to watch together. Bummer. It means I'm bound by the gentleman's code and can't spirit the box set away to watch it on my own next week. Heh.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you being so close to your friends' parents. Envy! :) And thanks for your sharing your Lunar New Year adventures.. it's been a real treat reading them every night.hehe...

imp said...

joanne: i guess it's because we're more or less grown up now, and can talk to the parents with ummm....more 'confidence'! heehehe. thanks for reading! only if the ramblings don't bore you!