Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Gems In Stamps

I swear our friendship has been enhanced by the speedy postal services on both sides. So far, our respective post offices have a proven positive track record in getting our parcels and packages over to each other within a decent window.

This slim envelope was posted out from Sweden last week via normal mail. The postmark indicated 27 January 2011. Today, a mere 4 days later, the envelope, holding precious contents, sat quietly on my desk.

While the envelope was excitedly and carelessly ripped so that I could cluck over its thoughtful and sincere contents, the stamps were not forgotten. I love the details in the stamps, especially the 2 photographed above.

Naturally, the stamps set fire to the imagination. I conjured up 2 bedtime stories, then 1 giant tale to link them both. They're quite hilarious, methinks! Ask me about it in person next time and I'll share it with you. Perhaps I'd read to the little girls and boys too. I promise they aren't snarky or scary tales. I probably spent a good 15 minutes chuckling.


Dawn said...

Why is it that USPS always eats mail when most European postal systems work so well?

imp said...

dawn: i dunno.... :( i only know Royal Mail delivered my postcards 2mths late. But it was winter. So Royal Mail has trained customers to expect that delay. Grrrr.

tuti said...

but i want to hear your bedtime story.. :P

kachunknorge said...

yah, tell tell!
Norway has such boring stamps compared to Sweden.

JoMel said...

lovely stamps. and I can't wait to hear the story! :)

imp said...

tuti + kachunknorge + jomel: ARRGH. Does that mean I've to write it down? Okay. I'll get around to doing that at some point.