Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr And Mrs Bund

I like it that Mr and Mrs Bund offers late night dining till 4am! Since we dine late, it means that there's a dependable place to head to. It's all red and black chic. Very typical of modern chinois venues. Well, we ditched Jade on 36 to try out this new place in the fancy schmancy Bund 18.

The menu is rather extensive, but not as avant garde as claimed, which suits us fine. They serve up frog legs too, French style. What's impressive, is that the menu features turbot rather prominently. Oh, how I've missed that ugly fish. They do it with olive oil, butter, and basil vierge infusion. The recommended portion is meant for two, which is perfect for sharing among four.

The desserts are awesome. Really. Yes, this was one of the rare times I had space for dessert. That molten chocolate mousse thingy was beautiful. But I'm not at all pleased with their drinks. They're weak and lacking in character. We had a couple of rounds of drinks and decided that in terms of mix and presentation, the bar is not up to par. Hmmmmph. Luckily I didn't order the Bloody Mary. The mojito had so much SODA that I couldn't taste any bit of rum or lime juice. Needless to say, I didn't even bother to try any sort of whisky cocktails. After all the wonderful concoctions at Constellation, many others will be spectacularly disappointing.

It was a very pleasant thing to have the floor staff address us in English, first. Clear, properly enunciated English. They didn't try to ask us to speak Mandarin. Glorious. I didn't realize how much I've missed that. I've sorely missed that at home too.

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