Sunday, August 28, 2011

Casa Tartufo

[It's moving to the CBD as of April 2014.]

Situated in the middle of a shopping mall, the almost a year-old Casa Tartufo has quietly been our choice for many meals these few months. So far, its food has been consistently delicious. Always obliging to our numerous odd requests in the dishes, I'm quite pleased with their service. While it's supposed to be fine-dining, it doesn't feel prissy and gives out a slightly more casual vibe as conversation here tends to be louder than usual as most people seem to dine in groups.

The French girolle (chanterelle) is in season. Casa Tartufo was happy to do a fry-up of scrambled eggs with the girolle and tomatoes. Upon first taste, these scrambled eggs were atas as could be, and were like no other scrambled eggs had ever been. They were totally knock-my-socks-off delicious.

Oddly, I've never ordered fish here, not even to share. They've the usual black cod and seabass. They look fine on the friends' dining plates. But I've not tried it. The pasta has always caught my attention and the tastebuds don't feel like having something else. I like my pasta easy. Easy pastas are the toughest for any restaurant to make. Quality ingredients are a must. I'm quite fond of their capellini done cold with sea urchin and bottarga. For this evening, tajarin topped with black truffles was lovely.

If you order the lamb osso bucco on the menu, do not expect it to come with the bone. They somehow changed their recipe to something that isn't exactly the traditional osso bucco. It comes in pretty round rolled up pieces full of rosemary flavors. Dainty. Roast lamb still, but not quite the osso bucco I know. The friends thought the meats here as 'dependable', and make for good mains each time.

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