Friday, August 05, 2011

Godma, Cook Me Pasta Please

Like how a girlfriend has put it- theoretically, I can cook. I think she was being polite and didn't add "in your dreams" too. Hehehhe. Well, some recipes are seriously brainless. Most require alot of work. But it isn't rocket science. The final products will be edible, although the taste isn't guaranteed. However, whatever my god-daughter likes to eat, I can quite easily produce them, if I want to.

Today, I didn't have much of a choice now, do I? Adults, don't try this with me. I swear I'll burn your food into unrecognizable blobs. (BFF, don't get ideas. You ain't got no special privileges.)

We zipped into the supermarket for the 4 y.o to pick out her preferred fish- salmon. Then onward to the store for her to point out the colorful (beetroot, spinach and plain) organic maccheroni desired for dinner. The girl doesn't eat rice at all. Her staple carbs come from bread and pasta. So she has learnt that she prefers cream sauce to tomato. Thank goodness. Tomato will not be easy to make. Cream sauce is less of a hassle.

The fillet of salmon wasn't totally marinated. Not necessary when I was going to plaster cream sauce over it. The fillet was layered with a light sprinkling of lemon juice, sea salt, pepper and dill. It sat quietly for an hour. The man came home and decided to take over the pan-frying of the fillet. "Lightly seared," he proudly announced. "Beautiful." I frowned at the fish and poked at it. It's half raw!!! Dude, you're cooking for a child, not adults. I shoo-ed him away from the stove and put the fish back in the pan till there was no more pink.

I let the pasta boil long in the pot. Al dente isn't exactly for children. Peas, little bits of garlic, mushrooms, carrots were separately cooked. Once everything was ready, together with the salmon, they were all tossed with cream sauce and maccheroni. Of course I cheated. You think I'd be able to chop up ingredients on my own? No way. The maid did all that. She was trying very hard not to giggle. She has never seen me lift a finger in the kitchen, aside from washing dishes. The 4 y.o stood by the doorway of the kitchen to munch on blueberries and me patter about. She didn't want the man to do the job and specifically said I was to cook her dinner. HAIZZZZ. Tyrant.

Along with sides of raw lettuce, cherry tomatoes and strawberries, the 4 y.o merrily finished her allocated amount of pasta in the bowl. Very good. I ate exactly the same food as the little girl. Otherwise, dinner-time would be no fun. The man ate the same pasta, except his had an extra topping of pepper and salt flakes.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, good imp!
you make a great er.. godma!
*shush says if i want to keep my head intact, i should not say what's evidently on my mind, hahah!

Dawn said...

There ain't no theoretical about it :) You just choose not to :))

Plus tomato sauce is probably EASIER so you did very well!

bmuse said...

Agree with Dawn! Haa, you just have no interest. Nothing to do with ability! ;)

Little children just have a way with Imp! Heh.

imp said...

tuti: ah...yes. only because i know i can return her to parents at the end of the day. to be stuck with a child to infinity and having to raise one, no way man.

dawn: tomato is tough! i'll have to peel and puree them. EEEKS.

bmuse: bleah. cooking is no fun. NO FUN! i hate it!

Dawn said...

Imp - pssst, they come in a can these days. Imagine that :) Also, if you use fresh, don't bother with the peeling!

imp said...

dawn: what? Can?! No! I don't even eat tomato sauce out of a can. I can (no pun intended) taste the difference between canned tomatoes and fresh ones!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

WAH!! Well done godma! Better schedule in cooking time for her next stayover! :) Maybe can get her to help out as an activity?

JoMel said...

WAHHH!!! No idea why, but I'm so excited about the fact that you cooked! HAHAHA! You did so well! Hey, me too.. me don't like canned tomatoes. When I make a tomato based pasta sauce, I use fresh tomatoes - blanched, peeled, deseeded, and chopped.. Ya, so much work man!

lilsnooze said...

Very well done. Now, she will continue to ask for you to cook for her. ;)

imp said...

corsage: for now, she's not allowed in the kitchen till she's taller. but she gets to go to the supermarket and choose her food.

jomel: bleah. hate cooking. hate it to the max! if made right, tomato sauce is awesome. rich and flavorful.

lilsnooze: she'd better not!

jooo said...

Hehehehe. The 4 y.o has a way with the imp ;p

imp said...

jooo: :) only the kids. some kids.