Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lobster Broth

It was completely unplanned. The friends finished a meeting earlier than scheduled, and we had a sudden thought for casual Japanese food. Without prior reservations, we decided to try our luck for a late dinner at Hinoki. They had space for the lot of us! A huge group left as we walked in. Wheww.

Half of us wanted the lowdown on the We Are Scientists and Neon Trees gig last week. We Are Scientists was good. Everyone I asked seemed to have enjoyed that. Neon Trees was said to be quite horrible. Apparently, the Tyler Glenn was as annoying and condescending as Jared Leto. Ha.

There were the usual sashimi and sushi. Good stuff. Satisfying. Even better, the kitchen had enough lobsters to go around to make a light broth delicious broth with bits of scallops and gingko nuts. This was the one dish that made my night.


lilsnooze said...

Mmm, the lobster broth sounds heavenly.

imp said...

lilsnooze: it was surprisingly well done!

M. eats said...

I didn't try this that night. Ok next time I will try. Looks really good. (:

imp said...

M: try it! they don't always fly lobsters in. but when they do, they know how to cook it. i'm suitably impressed. but not as impressed with the soup after where they used the lobster head to boil into the miso. that wasn't too flavorful.