Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Mambo Jambo: Suede

This is the fourth show Suede performs in Singapore. On a Wednesday night. On the very night of a me-not-interested-in B.o.B gig and Zouk Mambo's 19th Anniversary. It was a clear winner to go to the gig that allowed dancing without the young'uns.

A sign of age- so many friends are catching Suede for what would be the fourth time here. They've caught Suede way back in the 90s when Suede first flew into town. Waahhhh. All of us grew up to the sounds of emo Suede, but these friends literally watched the band age. Tonight, we're here to reminisce with Suede for the probably the very last time in our 'hood. Can't imagine them touring in another 8 years!

It was a casual gig, and when the ticket indicated 'standing pen', I'd like to be protected. It was either Boots or sneakers. This is Suede, not Rage Against The Machine. Sneakers would do. I could dance in them! I haven't gotten around to buying a pair of Macbeths which would have complemented this black outfit from FruFru & Tigerlily. My pair of Converse is like, so last year. When I got there, what did I see? Of course the whole world had to be wearing them stylish Macbeths. Spell jealous.

Brett Anderson looked really good. Trim and fit. Sleazy charmer, I call it. He's one of those who ages well. At 44, he's still got the voice. He's got all the frontman moves down pat. He knelt on the stage, dipped the microphone into the crowd, sang his heart out, and jived about. He twirled that microphone around expertly. It was quite hilarious because both guitarist and bassist jumped away and gave him a wide berth at that instant. Hahahaha.

Suede didn't do 'Oceans'. Luckily. If they did, there wouldn't be a dry eye in the room. Many of us share memories of long-distance relationships then, in 2002, or remember the pain of breaking up because one or both are leaving the country to study overseas. Oof. The man leaned over to whisper that 'The Wild Ones' was part of our wedding playlist. I was like, I didn't know that! I'm clearly, not very romantic. If I had caught that song, I'd have sniggered really loudly there and then, because I did so tonight. :P

But oh if you stay we'll ride from disguised suburban graves
We'll go from the bungalows where the debts still grow every day
And oh if you stay I'll chase the rainblown fears away
We'll shine like the morning and sin in the sun oh if you stay
We'll be the wild ones running with the dogs today

I'd say there were about 2500 pax in the Indoor Stadium and no more. An okay crowd I suppose. Suede played a tight set. I'm not a huge fan, but I danced to their music because the friends, good vocals and the strong band made it so fun. The evening ended with 'Saturday Night'. Mellow. Nostalgic. Don't ask where I went after the gig. You could hazard a really good guess. :D


Lady J said...

Your concert get-up is tres sensible! Trendy yet practical enough to groove to the beat! Hehe

sinlady said...

oh, you are so positively old-school!

imp said...

ladyJ: indie gig!

sinlady: hehehe.

Anonymous said...

cute about the 'not very romantic' you, haha.

imp said...

tuti: :)