Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock! Paper! Poster!

Up on the walls of The Pigeonhole till 6 September are 20-something screen-printed gig posters (not for sale) from the personal collection of the good people of KittyWu Records. Titled 'Rock! Paper! Poster!', there're some very cool ones featuring Explosions in the Sky, The Shins, Deathcab from Cutie, Arcade Fire and Feist.

We popped in at the launch tonight. We've never seen KittyWu's stash and it's a good time to check them out. Framing precious posters can be an expensive affair. Ikea frames don't cut it as they don't seal in tight. Use these frames if the the posters aren't too pricey or carry sentimental value. You'd need to cut out the moisture and humidity to protect limited edition screen prints and enjoy them in the years to come. Sending it to the professional framers is much more convenient.

I know nothing about the artists and the art of screen-printed gig posters. Those names mean something to the friends who're into the art and the known talents in the world of stunning visuals. I only know how to admire the concept, colors and strokes. For many of us into this genre of music, we probably shared a similar sort of decor for our rooms, dorms and whatever during those angsty teenage years in the form of band photos and posters adorning the walls.

Full from dinner, I declined the offered desserts of mac and cheese, and, bread and butter pudding. Beer would do just fine. Otherwise, a pint of Guinness or whisky after would complete the evening. The Pigeonhold ran out of the favored beer again! ARRRGGGGH. Why me?! Had to stick to another beer which I don't quite mind, but not a preferred choice over others. Hmmmph. It does mean that there're plenty of people turning up and buying drinks at this launch party though. That's positive.

The photo below shows screen-printed posters of gigs in Singapore done by Invsble Studio. Very good work! We spent some time staring at the Mono poster, wondering where the heck is the name of the band. The friends grinned and told us to walk further away. I stared at my photo. Then we's right there! So clever. These posters aren't available for purchase at The Pigeonhole after tonight. BUT, they're totally available for purchase online.

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