Sunday, September 04, 2011

Out & About With V

Of all TWG salons, I like its venues at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Shoppes best. The high ceiling with natural lighting makes me feel less claustrophobic when I've sit so close to other humans in order to justify my contribution towards the tea salon's high rental in prime spaces. So it was at MBS that V and I sat down for tea. Must catch the lovely lass before she hops off for a vacation.

Both of us aren't too fond of sweets. Wanting to nibble on something, scones and sandwiches formed the solid part of tea. 3 tiny sandwiches. We shared half of each and it was more than enough as a pre-dinner snack. Scones were still good. No slip in standards yet. While I'm not too fond of the jelly even though it isn't too sweet, I quite like the clotted cream. Light and fluffy, TWG has got the sugary balance right to complement its raisin scones.

For once, I'm not in jeans or flats. We also had a date at the theatre. It wasn't a gig. Heeee. I was a good girl- wore a dress and heels. ALL BLACK. Muahahhaah. Well, I had a pink bag. So that counted! I forgot to take a photo of V's sassy tube dress of black-white polka-dots with red trimmings. She looked amazing in it! Very chic for the afternoon. And she allowed me to take all the photos I wanted of everything, including the little dish of clotted cream.


lilsnooze said...

It's really lovely that you have so many dates. :) Catching up with friends are so precious!

notabilia said...

Guess you went on a good day. My WORST service experience in Singapore came at the hands of the staff at this branch of TWG.

yuling said...

Totally adore the dress that V was wearing! I remember gushing over it when she first got it! She pulls it off so well. :)

imp said...

lilsnooze: i'm amazingly busy!

notabilia: oh dear! U must tell me how. I was there at the corner below the defunct manolis boutique and YSL. It was swarming with servers and they were super attentive! I had to avoid eye contact with them for fear they thought I wanted something when I didn't and was just looking around.

Yuling: very nice hor! I like it very much.