Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheerful Colors

I hadn't planned on watching 'Sevilla/Madrid/Sevilla' by Ballet Nacional de España at dan:s festival. But it had been a trying day, and by the time 6pm rolled around, I needed a breather for the evening. Didn't want or feel like dealing with angst again. Funerals should be dealt with just like another work event. The paperwork was not appreciated at all, not when this latest death on the roster oddly resulted in a lot more emotional strings than usual. A bit of a moral dilemma, if you would. Thankfully, there was a ticket for me and the friends warmly embraced my last minute presence. Rushed down and made it in time as the final bell rang. I was really glad that it wasn't a post-modern performance.

Flamenco is one of those dances I'll never be able to do because I just don't feel it. I can imitate it, vaguely, but that's not good enough. It isn't just about perfecting the techniques or the smoldering good looks of the dancers. It's also about the passion for, and of the dance. What better privilege than to have Spain's national dance company come to town to showcase the best of flamenco in its original, flamboyant and artistic inimitable style. (Read the technical details in The Guardian's review here.)

I sat back and enjoyed the show. I wasn't really paying attention to the classical stories being re-told. Those pulsating beats made me feel like getting up to dance! I love the solos, the duets and the ensemble. The footwork is loud and intricate at the same time. The arms are expressive, poignant and purposeful. What a wonderful combination. Gorgeous, dramatic and emphatic costumes. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The colors and lively music took the edge off an otherwise dreary day. Always a treat to have live music (acoustic guitarists and singers) accompany the dancers.

A supper of authentic homemade tapas after the performance was a brilliant way of rounding up the evening. I was half-hearted about joining them, but since half the friends would be heading home to heavy responsibilities, giving the weekend's shows a miss, I didn't want to be left out of the additional time together. Laughter and easy conversation. I had to leave early. But they've fortified me for the morning ahead.

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