Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Night Out At Kilo

At the rate it's been raining in the afternoons and evenings, it was a great call by the friends to have a casual dinner at the non-air-conditioned Kilo. The many well-placed fans help to cool the place. Located above Loysel's Toy, it's quite a refreshing change to have no air-conditioning, not break a sweat and have no mozzies bug us.

I was really curious about the ceviche, but didn't hold hopes about it, and wasn't too disappointed when it came. It wasn't the Peruvian ceviche I had hoped for. It was just a sashimi salad with a tangy dressing. (Even though ceviche's origins are in sashimi) Well, I suppose one can say it's their unique twist as it's described as Raw's seafood ceviche- tuna, salmon and octopus. It wasn't a bad dish. Fresh ingredients in a salad are always a winner.

The rest of the food was dependable and tasted pretty good. I was a tad worried about the 'fusion' bit, but it wasn't as new-fangled as I feared. It was surprisingly done with familiar flavors to the food. Quite typical fare, I'd say. The zucchini pancake with goat cheese was appetizing. The menu serves it with Iberico, so you could easily opt to skip that. The table liked the beef tartare with raw quail egg yolk and held drops of Lagavulin 16 y.o. There were 4 humans and we shared all items, ordering half the menu, including the seared slow cooked rabbit in tomato sauce served with plantains and rice.  Never mind the ensuing discussion about rabbits as pets/pests.

There were alot of dishes. Luckily, we had enough humans to not eat more than 3 mouthfuls each. A little here, there, everywhere- we were quite nicely filled up. We were quite impressed with the squid ink rice with prawns and squid and egg yolk. We love that squid ink to bits. Heh. I ate lots of the angel hair pasta in cream sauce with prawns. A simple dish, but by no means easy to do well. The kitchen did it beautifully. I contemplated ordering a second plate all to myself. At the end, dessert was just impossible, except for 2 small lemon tarts. Do they share the supplier with Loysel's Toy? The lemon tarts taste similar!

We had 5 bottles of Moa's St Josephs ale and no more because they ran out. Arrrrrgh. Having beer run out can be such a downer. So we made do with the quantity left and paced it with the meal. At the end of the evening, our lovely friends insisted on buying us dinner. :) I hope the kitchen maintains its current standards. Decent solid food without being fancy. I dislike wasting stomach space on bad meals, no matter if it's an occasion or a casual eat. I like Kilo because it's a laidback restaurant where no one cares if you wear flip flops.

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