Thursday, October 20, 2011

Putting The Guitar Away

The only time I play the guitar in earnest is during the Seventh and Eighth months in the Chinese lunar calendar. These are months when there's a hive of activities for the old folks at the casual Chinese restaurants and community clubs. Often, there's entertainment in the form of singing and dancing, then karaoke. Sometimes, the old folks would want to perform. That's always fun. Often, to save on costs of hiring performers, we'll take care of the entertainment on our own. Luckily, we haven't been boo-ed off the stage yet.

Figuring out the chords to new songs doesn't come easy to me. The guitar isn't my natural instrument, and I've got very little talent in this area. I'm no good with songs that require more than 3 chords. Kekkekeke. I don't play the guitar as regularly as the man. It takes some effort to brush off cobwebs and get down to practise being smooth on the neck.

The good thing is, the man has an extensive hoard of guitars, so I've a variety to choose from, trying to pick one with the best sound to cover up my misses. I've gotta say that these old Chinese and Cantonese songs are very easy to play and the tunes aren't hard. Similar chords and in a variation of keys, they don't require too much effort to memorize. It has been almost fun. The guitar is now put away till next July (through September). Or perhaps brought out at Chinese New Year if I'm not in a grouchy mood about it. :)


h o b o m o b o said...

So you sing Chinese and Cantonese songs? REALLY?

imp said...

hobomobo: only for the old folks. i listen when i need to memorize and play them. thank goodness for youtube.

notabilia said...

So... I can't convince you to bring your guitar to our place this weekend?

imp said...

notabilia: OMG. *chucks guitar into storeroom* Can I pass you my iPod?

Anonymous said...

i was thinking (for years) of getting you one, but know you have very discerning taste. ;)
if you ever want one with a slightly smaller frame for girls, you know where to get me.
-you-know-who, hahaha.
clue: lanyard happy. :P

imp said...

anon @ 1.15am: Heheh. Don't! I wouldn't do any sort of guitars justice! Which is probably why I don't own a guitar at all. I'll steal the man's. Acoustic guitars are much lighter. I've wielded the Strat and it's tough. Don't know how the girlfriend deals with her Thunderbird and Mustang bass with such ease.

But thank you so much for your thought!!! [yes, i know who. :)]