Wednesday, October 05, 2011

There We Go, New Bags

My favorite sales executive re-joined the boutique after a long break. Coincidentally, I've not bought anything from the boutique since she went off. The ones who replaced her never bothered to understand my preferences and it's a huge turn-off in how they keep pushing items which I don't like. They don't try to get to know their customers. It doesn't help that the designs are just crappy, and I really don't need another bag.

When Mommy and I randomly stepped into the boutique to grab a gift for a friend, we were rather happy to discover that our favorite girl is back. She knows my taste very well. Rather, she knows what bags are already sitting inside the wardrobe. She doesn't know what I've chucked out though, and those bought in Europe. Kekekke. Anyway, she brought out a whole bunch of new stuff to show us. Toys on the table. Woots. Leather. Poke poke poke. Squeeze squeeze squeeze.

The girl was really sweet, and gave us her full attention. Did I already say I don't need another bag? Well, not in pink at any rate. Anyway. So I looked out for other designs that are quintessentially Chanel, but with a softer twist which would look classic, but not technically defined as their classics. It was my day. A casual tote in plum and a slightly more structured purse in brown.


sinlady said...

yup, those front line people can make or break a sale, whether you looking to buy or not :)

kikare said...

you is BAD influence.

notabilia said...

Hope you love the Ananas. You know I am huge fan.

Anonymous said...

not familiar with ananas but i like orla kiely though i haven't owned a single thing from them yet. will have look at it more seriously the next time. ;)

imp said...

sinlady: totally. it's odd that many shops still don't understand that.

kikare: you influence yourself all the time! i didn't do nothing! :D

notabilia: i'm sure i will.

D: these are quite mainstream. i've got even more obscure indie labels which boast of fabulous bespoke quality. :P if this is a blog on bags, i might talk more about them. hehehhe.

Lady J said...

Ooh loads of new arm candy to behold!

supercoati said...

Ooooooo yummy leather.....I oso WANT but I too don't need any more bags, heeee.

Anonymous said...

I like Orla Kiely. Gorgeous bags, as are the Chanel specimens you purchased.

If I could afford it, I'd totally get a couple of Chanel purses in neutral tones so I could wear them with anything. And I'd save them for my daughter, of course. Now that I'm older, I'm starting to think more about age appropriateness and owning items that will see me through the next 10 years. That's probably only about 20% of my closet. It's a tug of war between buying what feels nice for right now (cheap, more often than not) and buying what will last. Given my budge and lack of impulse-control, cheap usually wins :P

p.s - I'd totally read it if you did decide to start a 'Faerie Land Bag Blog' (lol).

imp said...

LadyJ: yes!

Supercoati: see. We never need yet another bag.

fangirlyness: think of it this way, restraint shown for 5 cheap bags in a year= possibly 2 good classics. Don't get those stupid IT bags. They don't last very well and make us look like fashion victims. I'm guilty of that!

PS : if I start a bag blog, I'll soon realize I sorely lack the vocabulary to write it in any fun way! Heh.

JoMel said...

Imp, I think you should start a bag blog.. it'll be interesting. :D