Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Little Girls

I was wondering why 3 y.o Lil'Missy wanted to come over to play. I've got no toys in the flat. What could possibly entertain her? I'm certainly not very entertaining. Then the mommy and I realized- Lil'Missy wanted to come over because it meant being able to do somersaults and cartwheels. AHHHHHHH.

Lil'Missy eyed one of my bears and picked one for the day. She hugged him tightly, sat with him through lunch, and fed him carrot sticks and blueberries. I'm not sure what the bear thought of her antics. Somersaults, cartwheels and flips she did with us. She jumped and jumped on the bed, squealing very very loudly. Heh. Then we bundled her into the car. Off to meet 2 y.o Bubbles for a swim date and tea. Hopefully the adults would get to chat too.

The toddlers didn't exactly greet each other with big hugs. Not yet, I think. They're still shy. At least they don't parallel-play exclusively anymore. This afternoon, they acknowledged each other's presence, and addressed each other by name. They recognized each other's mommy, shared food and toys. Yay.

Time for a dip in the pool. I wasn't going to change, so I waited in the dining room. One little girl toddled out in a pink suit with sunblock in hand. Another followed shortly in a pink suit too, clutching another tube. They chimed in unison, "Put sunblock." WIN LOR. The mothers probably told them to ask Auntie Imp to put on sunblock while they changed. How do I deal with two at the same time?! Two little girls stared at me rather intently. Okay. No problem. Done. By the time the mothers came out, sunblock was slathered over both. Whewww.

After the swim, showers were in order. I perched outside on the couch. Then the little ones came out, alone. WIN LOR, AGAIN. The mothers had showered them and sent them out to me while they took their showers. The girls grinned and stared at me. Then they pointed to the box of macarons on the table. One bravely piped, "You said later. Now." The other one nodded, "Now now." Grrrrr. It was two against one. What was Auntie Imp to do? I did tell them that they could have the macarons after the swim. So I handed over the box. One macaron ended up in each tiny hand.  Then they obligingly posed for me, grinned, and allowed me to take all the photos I wanted.


JoMel said...

aww.. little girls are so sweet, aren't they, auntie imp?

notabilia said...

You gunning for "Aunty of the Year" Award ;)?

mummy of two said...

so sweet!!! lovely girls =)

imp said...

notabilia: Bleah. NO!

jomel + mummy of two: very sweet, when they belong to the friends and i see them in regulated doses. i've seen these 2 when they're petulant too- tantrums, demanding and all. i'm generally not gushy over babies or children. i don't coddle them. i treat them exactly like little adults.

Lady J said...

Hmm... I'll certainly vote you for Aunty of the Year award! Hehe.. What a great afternoon spent with girlies and their kiddies.. ;)

kikare said...

auntie imp is such a "loser". the little tots always win lor :D

Yuling said...

The mommy loves Aunty Imp! :)

M. said...

The two little girls finally met! Acquainting thru swim and macarons, how wonderful (:

imp said...

LAdyJ: only to specific kids. I don't like all my friends' children!

kikare: only bow down to some!

Yuling: xxxooo.

M.: they've met earlier. Except it was in an adult's environment and not for them. They were still doing parallel play then. So this round, they're more aware of each other in a proper 'play' stage!