Friday, November 11, 2011

The Man Did It!

So I'm the Fix-It girl around the house. I fix leaky taps, change light bulbs, squeaky door handles, hinges, clear clogged pipes and whatnots. You get the picture. These things are second nature to me.

The man can sort out guitar pedals just fine, but he's never really done anything else remotely resembling anything DIY-ish around the house. He couldn't even fix up Ikea boxes with the allen keys. Those keys are meant to be used on his guitars and related electronic gadgets. Not handyman stuff. I'm even skeptical whether he really knows how to change a car tyre. (I do, by the way.)

The girlfriend had given us a standing lamp for the room a couple of months back. Make that almost a year ago. I've nearly forgotten why she gave it to us. It was probably because I mentioned something about a wonky lamp. Well, I've never gotten around to fixing it, not the old or the new lamp. The gift has been sitting in its pristine Ikea box.

Last night, I came home to a beaming partner who proudly announced that he sorted out the new lamp and had put the old one at the recycling bins. I stared at the now-out-of-the-box gift and gave it a tentative poke. Uhhh....huhhhh. It's actually not wobbly! I'm surprised that the man could decipher the (pictorial) instructions!

I'm duly impressed.


Dawn said...


imp said...

dawn: :D

sinlady said...

*impressed* :)

ame said...

whee :)

imp said...

sinlady: i'll tell him you said that!

ame: finally! wieeee...indeed!

bookjunkie said...

I am more like your man....I can't fix anything but that was impressive :)

I am very challenged when it comes to Ikea fix it stuff too. rather buy stuff that is already assembled. But one of my girlfriends is the same way...she does all the fixing in the house and she loves it (finds it a fun project and satisfying to fix up DIY furniture).

imp said...

bookjunkie: no way i'm going to fix furniture unless i've no choice. your girlfriend must be a good crafter! easy things that require minimal pottering about is good.