Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There were exactly 2 hours till the end of the dryer run before the fluffy warm towels would be ready to be kept away. There was enough time to pop over to the girlfriend's to pick up a jacket I had left in her car, retrieve more books and borrow a couple of dvds.

When I texted her to check on time, convenience and whatnots, the scones had just gone into the oven. When I got there, the freshly baked brown gems were ready to be eaten piping hot. Smelt beautiful! I love scones because they aren't sweet. The plain ones are the best. I like them much better than the ones available commercially. Slabs of slightly salted butter and dollops of strawberry jam accompanied each bite. Delicious.

Four of us, we sat at the dining table chatting on a rainy afternoon. The rain pelted down, but not coming into the room. The breeze was cool. Mmmmm. Always fun to catch up with them, especially before they go off on a vacation.


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