Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Bit Of Dim Sum

Of course there would be a meal at my favorite-est Chinese restaurant in the whole wide world- Lung King Heen. I'm not bothered about trying out dim sum restaurants or other good ones with Cantonese cuisine, really. I've found this and am sticking with it for a long time till its standards slip. Each time I'm in the city, I must have at least one meal here, and remember how delicious its vegetarian shark's fin soup is.

We were taken out to a dim sum lunch at a restaurant somewhere in Kowloon, of which I forgot its name. I simply followed without bothering to notice my surroundings. It was 'Royal Palace' or something similar. Not bothered to google even. I was grouchy from the lack of good caffeine. Thankfully, other members in the group were late and while waiting, some of us went out for a caffeine fix. After downing my cup of Starbucks double macchiato, it still didn't feel like kicking my ass into gear. No oommph. Mehh.

The restaurant's chandeliers and opulent decor in a crass Renaissance style are staggeringly blinding. But the food wasn't too bad. The friends declared that the char siew (honeyed barbecued meat) and siew yoke (roast pork) were yummy. There were tiny plates of chicken feet that were proclaimed nibble-licious. Unfortunately, they didn't serve porridge. Anyhow, the prawn cheong fun was good! Considering how I'm not keen on the rest of the dim sum menu, and this is about the only thing I don't mind eating, I ordered one serving for myself. Freshly steamed, its balance of flour and water had been properly done. That was impressive.

Steamed rice noodle rolls with prawn.

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