Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas, Babies!

The friends are very clever. They made a date way before I flew off to Perth. Even with the last minute trip to Hong Kong, I made it home in time for Christmas tea with them.

Saw many favorite little tots today who gave me enthusiastic hugs. Luckily nobody asked if I brought back a koala bear for them! Because I didn't! No soft toys for children simply because they accumulate dust mites the little tots are allergic to. In fact, when it comes to Christmas presents, I'm probably the most boring 'auntie' ever to the kids. I never give anything fun. Bleah.

We stayed in at the lovely host's. Dainty teaware and Christmassy colors. A happy afternoon. The host prepared lots of savories and muffins, and umm...fishballs for me. No fishballs for the little tots lurking around because they're full of preservatives, salt and MSG. Only freshly handmade ones would be suitable for younglings. They were pretty happy with yoghurt popsicles, grapes and strawberries. Whewww.

After the initial wide-eyed 'where-the-heck-are-we?', 'mommy-I-want-to-go-home', the younglings went off to play together. No idea what they did, but it gave the adults a chance for a chat. One teeny one couldn't quite play with them just yet. But she definitely knew where the 'fun room' was, and kept crawling in and pushing the door open to join her older friends. Woot. It was hilarious how the clever little one knew her way around the rooms!

So very difficult to get little tots to not open their presents till Christmas. Every brightly-wrapped package got ripped once presented to them. I kept addressing a little girl as 'baby' until she adamantly stated that "I'm not a baby!" Muahahaha. Okay, funny one, I shall call you 'little girl' then, the one who doesn't want me to take photos of her face, but readily showed me her hands when I promised her "no facial shots", and demanded to view the photo after.

Thanks for a peachy afternoon, ladies.


Yuling said...

Happy arvo indeed. You babes and babies added so much cheer to the homeland! Love ya all! :)

imp said...

yuling: :)