Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 2 :: Clockenflap

So for Day 2 of this not-for-profit event, knowing that it wouldn't be overcrowded and hence be denied re-entry, we went off for meal breaks in between. I was so NOT queueing up for 40 minutes for crap food that I didn't want to eat.

Yesterday, we hung out for almost 9 hours and got blown to bits. How's that for dedication? Very few seats around, so the floor space would have to do. No shelter from the sun, so sunscreen or a big hat would have to be brought along. Though we could always return to the hotel room to rest the legs, we didn't. Luckily we were in very comfortable shoes and all. Still, attending full-day outdoor gigs require some amount of fortitude, stamina and preferably a set of strong lower back and calf muscles.

We looked at the poor bushes. The festival brochures and banners exhorted humans to take care of the plants and that "Believe it or not, an unhealthy percentage of the entire festival budget is earmarked for bush repair!" Well...I guess everyone tried, but still, the green got flattened in many portions. The already wonky boardwalk got even more holes dug out somehow. Oh dear, I hope the parklands authorities won't give the organizers grief after the weekend's ahemmm...rampage.

We had to come see folk rock band 'Noughts and Exes' on their home ground. Today, they had an afternoon slot for a short set, and did most of my favorite songs. They were brilliant, as usual. Always a pleasure to hear them live.

'The Cribs' were horrifying. At least to me. Their stuff sounds fine on the stereo. Tonight, the singers were totally out of tune, and at some points, not even carrying a tune. We moved around, trying to catch the area with the best balance of sound. We didn't move to the front. We had enough of having beer flung all over. Since when did it become fashionable to hurl streams of beer at strangers at gigs? It's so not cool. We didn't bother to wait for 'Santigold'. Dinner beckoned. But we hung around to catch bits of quirky synth-pop 'French Horn Rebellion'. I'm not sure I know how to dance to neo disco.

Clockenflap 2011 has been quite alright. Rowdy at times, but all in the name of good fun. I suppose it could be said that the audiences are less regimented and know how party hard and get the groove going, drunken flailing around notwithstanding.

Well done, Clockenflap. I know how tough it has been for the organizers to get around the red tape and bureaucracy to organize this, hoping it would turn out awesome (it is!) and wonder with trepidation if it could endure for another year. I salute the organizers for their commitment and persistence. I believe the Singapore indie music scene empathizes and shares their angst, pain and optimism. The music portion helmed by The People's Party is nicely curated. There's something for everyone. Nobody ever minds diversity and more exposure across genres of independent music. And you must have heard of this by now- The People's Party is coming to Singapore. :)

'Noughts and Exes' at the main stage.

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