Sunday, December 04, 2011

Getting Around On Public Transport

Around the 'burbs, we need the car. For many outings, we simply walk. I'm not that prissy to wear heels knowing that I'm not good with them and it'd hinder getting to my destination. The weather averages 24 degrees celsius with a humidity of only 70%. Com'mon! Walk!  But you and I know that there's no better way to explore a city than traipsing around on its public transport. There're many occasions when we ditch the car and cabs to go around on buses and trains.

Like Perth, Brisbane's system of public transportation has improved tremendously. 13 years ago or something like that, I remember sitting at bus stops and wondering when those damn buses were going to arrive. Today, each bus stop is outfitted with printed schedules detailing arrival times for weekdays, weekends and public holidays. these buses arrive on time with a good regular frequency. The trains too. Armed with a pre-paid card, it's easy getting to anywhere in the city.

The best part- we've been getting seats on every ride, any day, to everywhere. Every commuter is polite and friendly, many yelling thanks to the bus driver as they got off the bus. So we follow suit. The bus driver is unharried and almost always smiles at most passengers. The trains come on time, are pretty clean and get us to destinations right on the dot. People understand the concept of private space. It's such a breeze getting onto public transport here. Comprising 5,900km², the city of Brisbane contains a population of 2.1 million. The Singaporean in me is insanely jealous.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Are the buses free? I remember getting lost in Perth (more than 15 years ago?) and was told just to hop up a bus!

Showed the Bub your blog and your photo a couple of posts earlier - the one on the beach. She was SO excited. So we've been playing 'flying to Australia to see Auntie Imp' =)

imp said...

corsage: oh sweet bubs! i miss her! WAH. she recognizes me in SUNNIES? 1.5 more weeks! Perth has free buses (called CAT i think) to go around the city. Quite cool. Brisbane doesn't have that. So we pay for the buses which are pretty alright.

supercoati said...

I am jealous too. So much more space for less people.

sinlady said...

you are doing great on a see-all-the-best-of-australia trip !

imp said...

supercoati: in so many ways.

sinlady: must find fun things to do!