Sunday, December 18, 2011

Macarons In Hong Kong

The boys were the ones who had this craving for sweets and we ended up at Le Goûter Bernardaud. The other friend's wife and I glanced at each other and rolled our eyes. She doesn't bake and isn't into desserts either, and would rather go round the corner to take photos of that decrepit building that seems out of sync amidst the gleaming glass and steel. I would be happy to tag along. We were fully intent on slipping away and leaving the boys to do their own thang. But the boys insistently pulled us into the mall. GROWL.

They ordered 3 cakes. 3! We (the girls) declined bits of it. No sweat. The cakes were still polished off. Then they bought 2 macarons to 'try'. That 'try' turned into 6 macarons. There were a couple of flavors but they declared that LGB did a pretty good rose. I really couldn't tell if the macarons were good. But the boys were of the view that the commercially available macarons in Singapore that are of some decent standard can't compare to LGB's bite and taste. They liked it. I was forced to take a bite. I made a face at them. It was just sugar, sugar, sugar and nothing else. Well, the colors were cheerful. Anyway, I didn't really care. I had my cup of tea, and that was sufficient.

The sweets evidently made an impression. Each (boy) bought a pack to-go and gleefully declared, "Munchies in the room!" With very benign smiles, we (girls) didn't raise our eyebrows, and instead, nodded indulgently. Yes, yes, dear.


jazzgal said...

Haha. The way the 'dear' is said is SO PATRONIZING. I'm the same way. I use 'dear' in exasperation, emphasis and patronize other humans.

imp said...

jazzgal: well. you know.